Recommended Wines by Lucia Pirvu

Traminer & Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Mysterium, Jidvei
…and food pairing:
– Chicken with mushroom sauce
– Braised turkey breast with white wine, long grain rice
– Baked duck breast with wine sauce and pineapple
Bon Appetite!

more details:

Sparkling Wine 2011 Margaritar Rose, Jidvei

And, as someone recently asked me for my first love, I’ll respond with this comment: was and remained sparkling wine! (SAMPANIA!) I was friends with him 10 years in the distance, but my soul remained … in 30 years, to be more?, Be less?, Future and God will say the word …

…and food pairing:
-Brie, prosciutto, smoked salmon, chocolate, rasberries

Tamaioasa Romaneasca 2011 La Roma Colocviu, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari

…and food pairing:

-duck breast with pear sauce
-turkey with exotic fruits and almond sauce




Color: Red rubiniu.vioi, young color for 2009, very intense, “stained glass”.

Smell: pleasant, agreeable odor found in red grape maceration, ripe blackcurrant flavor,
black cherry, dark chocolate, wine bouquet is elegantly casual impression of oak and spice nuances.

Taste: dry wine, but velvety with a good balance between alcohol and extract.
Larm “tears” ruby trickle slowly into the glass leaving a persistent game of tears on the glass cup.

Tannins fine wine body dressed as a “real bride costume event.”

Maturation took place in oak barrels for quality.

The end is elegant, round, much refinement. With this Cabernet Franc from the glass Minis are professionally obliged to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”!

…Food pairing: beef with funghi porcini.


Tempranillo/ Syrah 2010 CARLOS PLAZA

Colour: intense ruby red with violet hues, color a little more evolved than 2010
Smell: intense vegetal notes over well macerated red fruit flavor
The bouquet is given by the maturing of wine in barrels, due to which we have a rather special kind of spices.
They make this black pepper, cloves and leather smell (note positive France)
Decant the wine, even if it’s 2010, with his oxygen is richer.
Taste: dry wine, I’d say still young, drinking the weather turns round.
This tannin is felt, but can win by aging, the tannins are now slightly astringent.
It is a wine apart, has a large number of consumers have to like the style with notes of wild plant species: the genus has some Cabernet Sauvignon, wild.


Busuioaca de Bohotin 2011, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari

Located along the Prut around Bohotin was called Busuioaca Bohotin.

In France it is known as Muscat violet.

The grapes are dark red with shades discolouration, so also called Busuioaca hunters.
To be mentioned as the only flavored pink wine.
Leaf color pink onion, glowing crystal.
Elegant scent of strawberries, raspberries and strawberries.
Taste – friendly. Semi-dry wine, round, slightly tannic from the macerate the skin, softens residual sugar, and the meeting with the taste buds, the wine is very pleasant, a sip requires the next and the next …

Food pairing: a dessert tart with raspberries, strawberries, pound cake with golden raisins and oranges.


Prince Polignac XO Royal Cognac 40%vol alcool

Cognac luxury class!

Color: amber burned.
Smell: outstanding – finesse, elegance, sophistication, quality flavors and bouquet, hints of vanilla, raisins, candied fruit, apricots.
Taste: pleasant, not assault your taste buds, raw material particular, the method of distillation performance.


Merlot 2009 sec Domeniile Anastasia

Colour: ruby red with garnet hues.
Smell: expressive, good fruity flavors, raspberries, currants, blueberries, covered with beautiful shades of tannin. Aging in barrels gives the wine an elegant bouquet, with notes of clove and cinnamon. Wine is remarkable – it has a great variety of typical!

Taste: dry wine, soft, delicate, balanced, round, full, with the presence of tannins that elegant dress. Persistence is good, with good print quality wine, vinified and matured for “trophy seekers”!



MIRACLE 2010 Garnacha Tintorera 13%vol alc / Vincente Gandia

Colour: ruby red raw, cheerful, bright.
Smell: explosive flavors, elegant, complex, cherry, ripe currants over overlapping notes of vanilla, cloves, shades of red pepper, red pepper.
This wood is very good quality, nice tannin.
Taste: dry wine, full bodied, full, fatty acid-extract alcoolu him are in good harmony, this glycerol softens it, this tannin gives it personality.
Wine with persistent long outstanding quality.

The wine was aged in barrels of good quality, we extracted notes of oak spice.
He does not refute Miracle! It’s a miracle, an expensive wine worth purchase.
Wine will be complete in 2 years – round, soft, friendly wine!
Both wine bottle label and are true works of art!


MARQUES DE CHIVE Reserva 2009 Tempranillo, 12.5% vol alc / Vincente Gandia 

Colour: ruby red with garnet reflections, clear and transparent.

Smell: light intensity but pleasant smell of red berries plus a nice touch of oak that does not cover the bouquet of the wine.
Taste: dry wine, an environmental extract with hints of tannin that dress.
It’s an easy come, easy drinking, this is desired, you can move to the next cup!
Persistence – mean, it’s a pleasant wine.



COLOR: suggest a beautiful purple evening dress has a dye that stains the glass intensity, dense color.
Leaking tears, Larmee on glass, is slow, greasy fingerprint, what multiple tears and shake hands in a true dance of celebration, joining with table wine, in a moment of joy and celebration!
Odour: very pleasant, agreeable, intense shades of red currants, black, bitter cherries, prunes.
Tannins make their presence very elegant appearance, coming in a beautiful combination of olfactory notes mentioned.
TASTE: dry wine, a terrible combination of flavors, a touch of “challenging” on obvious acidity, but also a time of glycerol softness.
Casually tells us that wine tannin stopped briefly in barriques where chosen over the “fragrance” of dark chocolate, cocoa, vanilla and pepper notes.
Wine Nedeea obtained from Fetească Black Black Drăgăşani and Novac, is the wine that we expect friends to a special meal preparations, rooster wine, leg of lamb larded with bacon and prunes sauce, roast duck breast and hunter sauce.




Colour: ruby red with violet reflections, intense staining pattern for a young wine in 2009.

Smell: Olfactory expression of a beautiful, complex flavor with an artistic combination of each variety.

Note prune, shade plant and ripe red fruit footprint define the harmony of the three varieties: Fetească Black, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Olfactory footprint leaves a defined crop before harvest, grapes carefully selected a wine with a complex technology, advanced equipment.

Note the wood comes from aging in oak barrels for 9 months Romanian each variety and their subsequent assembly showing craftsmanship and permanent work to determine the final moment of maturation.

Bouquet of aging in barrels and glass houses let you perceive olfactory harmony without wood to cover personal characters.

Notes of spices: cocoa, coffee, dark chocolate, a stylish red pepper, finely marks this wine, establishing high rank.

Taste: dry wine, a good balance between alcohol, extract and acidity, a wine that is round, soft, but has a nice presence of tannin, as far as he well, not assault your taste buds. The wine is characterized by a roundness, a glycerol that it possesses a rich Larmee slow down the cup with liquid glass to intercourse.

We are talking about a wine with great persistence, the imprint that brings cheerfulness to a table full of guests. Acompaniză harmonious red meat menus.

Incantation is a real treat even for those who know how to care for vineyards, grapes, wine making his professionalism, to mature wine as long as it and, especially, to talk about his soul.


 Zghihară de Huși Alb Sec Reverance 2011 

Color: yellow-green, clear.
Smell: pleasant, intense, elegant shades of citrus (lime) and green apples.
Palate: Dry wine, fruity, marked acidity, good body, good twin alcohol. Persistence good wine provokes you to know him ever more. A successful Zghihara of husi, great expressiveness, performance in extracting aromas in wine achieved by applying a fair and modern technologies. A balanced wine, slim, friendly, very pleasant. He looks good on the table with oily fish dishes grilled or oven: feather sleep shad, carp Romanian between five and seven pounds. It is an excellent partner for even the most demanding dishes, salmon or seafood. Wine glass has a beautiful presentation that transmits consumer confidence and is really made to enjoy.


 Rouge de Roumanie 2011, Domeniile Samburesti

COLOR: A beautiful ruby-red color, garnet, enveloping a liquid body reveals aromas of grapes macerated cherry and plum shades.
Two varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, gathered showing potential “of red for Romania”.
Taste: Taste pleasant, dry wine with a structure that gives the qualities that urges you to savor. The presence of slightly vegetal character helps us recognize Cabernet Sauvignon.
Smell: Olfactory elegance of Merlot notes of berries, vanilla, and the presence of fine wood, put a special mark on blending.
Can be paired with red meat, lamb, duck, seasoned liberally flavored sauce.


Bendis 2012 Petro Vaselo Winery

” Bendis ( Bendis , Mendi ) Thracian mythology is a goddess worshiped as the goddess of the moon , forests, spells , goddess of the night and the magician , the Greeks identified with Artemis , goddess of hunting . “

 … and it’s really magic: a grapefruit rose color , a fine pearling extended a foam collar elegant , this sparkling Pinot Noir crude fermentation was done by Petro Vaselo in Banat and secondary fermentation after Charmant method held in tanks in Tuscany. Result of cooperation between Romania and Italy , is a product “made in Italy ” wine made ​​from Romanian .

Olfactory wins by a provocative fragrance with notes of raspberry and rose sweetness that blends with mineral character .
The flavor is delicate, good balance, fruity , a cheerful effervescence . We could say that is fresh , mineral , lean and lively .It is a sparkling developed labored vinified very fair , very successful gusto – olfactory , why he won the silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013 and Effervescents du Monde 2013.
Do you have it in receiving guests , and the desert is a true indulgence ! May be associated with a tart red berries , currants , raspberries , strawberries. Celebrate the passing of years Bendis 2012 – goddess magician would be able to fulfill your desire that you will think in the New Year .
Lucia Pîrvu , expert taster