30 Years of Stories about Vine and Wine or A Story about Modesty and Other “Demons”

They say that all the things in life must be done on the right time, but our story – wine and mine – began since childhood. We have a long history of exploration and knowledge in depth, with ups and downs but always beautiful.

In childhood and during school I had various arts and sports activities. I did gymnastics, swimming, arts, beauty, and even sewing classes. But most of all I loved oil painting and my first works were an issue you will find familiar: grapes, wine bottles and landscapes.The next step was only natural! I graduated the Faculty of Horticulture and after I worked for 10 years at Bucharest Zarea – my first love, a great romanian producer of sparkling wine – “champagne”, where I understood wich is the difference between theory and practice.
I worked with VINEXPORT Bucharest for nearly six years, during which I had the opportunity to adjust to working in a private company. I’ve learned about organization, purchasing, production, the relationship with suppliers and export of wine.

I had the great opportunity to study for one year in France. International Trade Beaune Burgundy Wine has influenced the way I relate and work with wine.

From that moment it was clear to me where I will go in this area. On returning home, I had a collaboration with Vinexpert Bucharest and subsequently Recaş Cellars. Working with Recaş Cellars and living in Timisoara helped me to see the need for a wine lounge and I’ve got already the first sketch ideas. That’s how the VINVEST idea was born.

The first edition of the wine fair has developed almost by itself. Relying on architect Ionel Pop’s invitation, who developed the first exhibition hall in Timisoara and on the producers’s high interest in promoting wine, I have opened the doors of the first wine fair in Timisoara.

Subsequently, the proposal to develop a new hall built exhibition hall in the city center came from the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timis – Menuta Iovescu. It honored me and I persisted to put into practice all the innovations I’ve seen in the country and abroad for the benefit of exhibitors, the final consumer and wine industry. I understood that after 20 years of research experience I was not only oenologist engineer or technologist but also a promoter of Romanian and international wines.

VINVEST was developed as a project which came to fulfill the needs of wine industry. These were different, such as: lack of effective promotion in the west of the country, increased awareness of certain brands of wine, wine launches in a vey well known space.

In order to solve the existing needs VINVEST increased continuously. The brand was developed and implemented numerous projects, such as: tastings held by experts, pairing wine with food held by sommeliers, culinary shows and competitions judged by renowned chefs, implementing the newest ways to promote wine code2wine based on QR codes, visits of Romanian and foreign journalists to the vineyards during the 3 days of this event.

A significant achievement was the creation of the National Competition of Wines and Spirits, wich reached the 8th edition. Another achievement was the establishment of the National Wine Fair VINTEST in Bucharest. Two years ago, because my desire to be closer to my parents and to my native city has grown, I decided to organize VINTEST, The National Wine Fair of Romania. The project developed and in 2012 we organized the second edition of the VINTEST Bucharest. In case you’re wondering, the name of the two lounges came as a suggestion from acclaimed photographer Constantin Duma.
There were good times, when the number of participants was high, but also moments of crisis when interest was low.

The global crisis was felt in this area too, as in the most industrial fields, there was a decline. However, VINVEST managed to hold on its leadership position. Maintaining quality standard was first priority for us during this time. Many partners, either media or products and services, contributed to this success.

Even the 9th edition VINVEST was a great achievement of our team who worked really hard. Although the fair was preceded by three wine events positioned for three consecutive week, one in Cluj and two in Bucharest, Timisoara managed to record VINVEST largest public who crossed the threshold hall. A new record in a year of crisis, proved once again our envolvement. The merit belongs to the team, staff and to all those who support the organization and the running of the event.

I was often asked what success means to me. In such a field, success is not sinonom with financial success, but the level of satisfaction of wine producers’s and visitors’s claims. A successful event requires passion, professionalism and desire to innovate.

2013 will be an important year for me, I hope a successful year. We celebrate 10 years of VINVEST company and 30 years of my experience as an engineer and organizer of events. I would like to thank you for these many years spent toghether!

Lucia Pirvu