10 years – VINVEST, Anniversary Edition

2003 – an idea is born – young engineer Lucia Pirvu and photographer Costi Duma decide to organize an international wine fair in Timisoara

2004 – the 1st edition of VINVEST takes place to Expovest Timisoara, the first showroom in Timisoara
2005 – the location is Regional Business Centre Timisoara

VINVEST developes numerous projects: wine tasting presented by experts, pairing wine with food supported by sommeliers, wine promotion code2wine on QR codes, involving romanian and foreign journalists in promoting the consumption of wine because of its benefits on health, the promotion of wineries in Romania as holiday destinations.

2006 National Wine & Spirits Contest –it lasts 3 days and and it has a professional jury

2006 VINVEST Magazine – printed overnight in Timisoara

2010 – enoturism is promoted for the first time to the International Wine Fair VINVEST

2011 – VINVEST team organize VINTEST Bucharest, the National Wine Fair of Romania to Romexpo Bucharest

2012 – VINTEST Bucharest location is now Sala Palatului, a beautiful historical building situated in centre of Bucharest

2013 – VINVEST Timisoara, Anniversary Edition, 19th-21st of April 2013, Regional Business Centre

2013 – VINTEST Bucuresti , the 3rd edition, 6th – 9th of April 2013, Sala Palatului, Bucharest, www.vintest.ro

Official Loyal Visitors – Vestik , www.vestik.ro, www.cdvin.ro

The names VINVEST Timisoara & VINTEST Bucuresti – „the godfather”is Agerpres photographer , Costi Duma.